Bye Vernal, Hello again Logan

Just two weekends ago we were catching up with Justin's old roommates in Logan. After learning that I had not found a job one of his roommates asked what I was up to. Without hesitation I said, "I do whatever I want to do". It sounds a bit selfish as I write it now, but it was proof to myself that I had overcome my negative attitude. At the beginning of the summer I really struggled with a completely open schedule. After going to school and working I had been looking forward to the day I could stop and ask myself "What do I want to do today", but when this day came along with 3 months to follow I was wishing I had a job, classes, or something to fill up my time, or make the decisions for me.

As with most experiences in life, my attitude was a roller-coaster. Some days I woke up ready to entertain myself and other days I fought for self motivation.

In the last month I decided to ask the question, what does Heavenly Father want me to learn from this experience? When I finally looked at my situation in that way, He gently let me know. Although there are many lessons I have learned I will focus on just a few.

Lesson #1: Life is not about finishing To Do lists and/or Projects
I love writing To Do lists, I love finishing projects, and I especially love to cross off those projects or items when I have completed them. Oh how good it feels!
This summer I came to a point where I tired of my own projects as well as ran out of things to do and therefore had to really brainstorm on what to do with my time. My brother on a mission through letters gave me advice and I also turned to Heavenly Father, desired to know what He would have me do with this time.
I learned that life is about PEOPLE, not things or accomplishments. I have learned so much from the people here in Vernal, especially our renter Ardith.
It is important to not idle away our time, but we cannot put "being with people" as idling away our time, which I have done in my life. I never recognized that I had until now.
Life is meaningless without people to love.

Lesson #2: Grandparents are so wise - and I am so lucky to still have all of mine here.
Being around Ardith and learning of her experiences as well as observing her daily life I have come to better understand grandparents and their role. I have been so blessed to have my grandparents around and have definitely taken them for granted. Ardith always has Oreos and/or ginger snaps because those are what her grandkids like. She does not want to be a burden on her kids, but does want to stay in touch. She loves getting phone calls. She has quite a few aches and pains that I did not have any idea about until the last month from doctor calls. Most recently I have been awed by her Faith. She has been through so many life experiences and has continued faithful through it all. It helped me realize even more how Faith truly is the first principle of the gospel. We have to be willing to trust that God is real even when we do not seem Him personally. We must trust in His plan to help us endure. Along with these life experiences, she sees life as a bigger picture than I do, she sees the full circle and therefore is full of wisdom from this different perspective. All grandparents have this perspective.
I want to spend more time with my own grandparents while I can! I love them so.

Lesson #3: A stay at home mom is more than just being at home, it's being with your Kids
I could be a stay at home mom doing all of my projects, or I can truly desire to be home for my kids. I know I have a long ways to know how to be a mom, but right now I will strive to be ever alert for teaching moments, take time to learn with my kids, and take time to have fun with my kids. I am grateful for my mom's example. She did a wonderful job, and did not slack in taking advantage of each moment with us kids. Thanks mom!

All and all Vernal has been a great experience for us! We would have never explored this side of Utah without the internship bringing us here, and we would not have learned the lessons we learned nor met the awesome people we met. It has truly been a wonderful summer!

With that said, we are excited to be back in Logan. Today we did our last adventure here in Vernal, toured the Field House Dinosaur Museum during Justin's lunch break!
Last night we had a barbecue with our Vernal Family, this weekend we'll be in Salt Lake, Justin in Ohio for the next week and then we will both be back in Logan for at least 9 months :) Woot Woot!

Life has been so good to us, we are so blessed!
Thank you to all those who have made our experience in Vernal so great!


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