We Multiplied! - 6 kids!

As me and six kids filed into church Sunday, one ward member said, "Wow, You guys multiply quick!" We sure did - at least for this weekend.
Six nieces and nephews agreed to join us for a weekend in Logan! Yipee!

I will mention just a few happenings that made Justin and I laugh:
  • After Michael saw our backyard (about 2 feet in width) he asked, "Are you guys poor?"
  • About 2 hours after meat and cheese sandwiches for lunch a couple kids said they were hungry, so we pulled out the PB and J. :)
  • 8 am Sunday morning Justin and I wake up to whispers and giggling coming from the foot of our bed. We pretend we are asleep, until Raegan and Elsie tickle and doggy pile us out of bed.
  • Me and the kids loved doing the salt art work, and Justin finally joined. We all had dark colors on our fingers when Justin was the first to wash his hands. "Um, this doesn't come off" He was right, our first hand washing did not take off the dark colors on our fingers. "Oh well, we'll be the painted finger family at church". It did come off while playing in sand and mud up the canyon, phew!
  • "Would you like to go to Nursery or Adult Sunday school?" No hesitation and in unison "Nursery!" We had to rethink this and figure out how to help the Nursery leaders who are used to a baby or two each week. Thank you Nursery Leaders.
  • Making their very own pizza's after showering and in their Sunday best!? What was I thinking! Only one accident that I am aware of, but the parents might want to check their kids clothes for red pizza sauce before washing. Ooops!
  • "You DON'T have AC!?" The fact that we did not have AC was a bit of a shock to these kids. Ha ha
  • We wanted to do something active before heading to church, so Hide and go seek was suggested - "But there's no place to hide here" - We decided to test it out anyways and found a 2 bedroom apartment is full of hiding places for at least a few rounds. :)
  • " I have 28 mosquito bites" Okay, this is NOT funny. I felt terrible for forgetting the bug spray when we went up the canyon. But it just shows how Justin and I are really new/inexperienced at this. :)
It went by so quick! I am grateful they all made it home safe, sound and happy. :) We had a great time!

Without a few people it could have been disastrous -- Thank you!

Thank you Grandma Della for her games, coloring books, and pizza sauce recipe,
Thank you mom for the ideas and Fun Magazines
Thank you Anna for the Ice Blocking idea,
Thank you Robert and Steph for letting us borrow your suburban and sending water bottles
Thank you Laura for sending Sunday activities with Elsie
Thank you Grant, Sydney, Reagan, Riley, Elsie, and Michael for coming and being so well behaved!
And Thank you Justin for being such a wonderful husband and someday father!


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