hot summer sun + cool water + family = a Blast!

July 22-25, 2011
I have admitted to Justin that I LOVE boating, practically as much as he loves mountain biking! It is a summer favorite!

Thanks to the Barfuss family and my dad and brothers for keeping the boat running we have been able to boat quite a bit this summer.

One of those times was July 24th weekend. The Barfuss family decided to take advantage of Justin and I living in Vernal by planning a weekend to explore and boat on Flaming Gorge.
None of us had ever been before.

What a beautiful place! It was perfect. Cool temperatures at our camp in Deep Creek at night, smooth water and hot temperatures down at the Gorge during the day, and gorgeous scenery wherever we went.

The vote is to return to Flaming Gorge each year! I hope we can also visit the good people we met here in Vernal as well.

Here are a few pictures: boating, the dam, wake boarding, and a sweet rope swing we found!


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