We're Pregnant!

16 weeks 4 days
It's official, I have gained 15 pounds, and feel a little 7 inch, 10.5 ounce body kicking and moving around inside of me. We are going to have a little Justin and Melissa combination boy March 25, 2012! I am now 19 weeks and 6 days along. Saturday, October 29th, three days after experiencing the Ultra-sound, Justin and I were at our usual spot, studying at the dining table, when I felt a definite kick in the lower abdomen. "I think I just felt him kick" I told Justin. But later, I questioned myself. Sunday night we laid down to go to bed and I felt him again and this time put Justin's hand over the spot where he felt him kick too.My gut feeling was confirmed!  This last week has been fun as I have come to better recognize his movements. He has moved up in my uterus at times which feels quite a bit different. The ultra-sound technician commented on the active boy he was and now I'm feeling him more and more. I told Justin recently "We're just kids! It's a good thing this little guy starts out as a baby and we have time to take in the transition". It will definitely be a big change when he comes, but I could not imagine all of a sudden having a 7 year old or something. This experience has been a testimony builder for me of our omniscient God and His plan. We are truly blessed and are excited to welcome this little boy into our home. We hope and pray we can be the parents God intends us to be.


  1. Congratulations you two!!! You looks so cute Melissa!

  2. Its boy!!!! hooray!!! Our little guys can be buddies:) feeling him move is so fun isn't it? i'm so excited for you guys.


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