Happy Halloween

Thanks to the Schmidt pumpkin patch
 I have several cute little pumpkins I've always wanted
and thanks to the Daniels party for the cute carved pumpkins that
really set the Halloween tone!
The Schmidt Sisters!
 October 23rd we had the annual Grandpa Jess Birthday Party get together! I felt like it had been forever since the Daniels family had been together.  Not enough catching up happened for me, but it was sure fun to be around family and carve pumpkins. It helped me start to get into the Halloween spirit. Bummer that I did not take pictures at the party. But these pumpkins made me smile each day I saw them on our porch.

Halloween was so much fun when you were a kid, but as I have aged the holiday has lost it's excitement. For Halloween this year we happened to be in Salt Lake with the Schmidts. Justin was presenting his IHC idea and I had the day to myself. The Schmidt family gathered at the pumpkin patch for pictures before the night of trick or treating would begin. Those kids steal my heart more and more. Their costumes had me laughing and wishing I had dressed up. Laura and Steph dressed up fun with their kids and I lamely claimed I dressed as a student, ha.We sisters borrowed the kids costume hats to show we still have the Halloween spirit, mostly so I could be in a picture -- since I am the only one without kids to take pictures with. I swear our whole family - Justin, Me and baby boy Schmidt - will be dressed up for Halloween next year! Why not take the chance to wear a crazy outfit for fun!

The more and more I think about this little boy in my tummy, the more I laugh about just how much I am going to embarrass our kids. I can see our kids rolling their eyes at mom and dad already. :) We're going to have a good ole time! Happy Halloween!
This is what makes Halloween fun -- Kids!


  1. I have to say that you are right. Having kids makes Halloween really fun!

  2. We should have made you the cute skeleton shirt that has the baby skeleton on the tummy! Have you seen it?!


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