What have we been doing?

Have I forgotten my blog? -- yes! Life has been a good busy and lots of fun. I haven't taken near enough photos either.
Here's a quick catch up and then a few photos to follow.

Justin is still on "formal release" which means he stays at his classroom for 12 hours each day, but tomorrow is the end of the 15 days. What does that mean? That's what I've been asking. Justin should be relieved of having to memorize as much and will not have "Stand up" every morning, only once a week. "Stand up" is where the IP (instructor Pilots) gives each student a chance to answer a question, usually a warning or caution that needs to be said word for word, if they get it right they sit down, if not they stay standing until they get something right. You don't want to be the last one standing. Justin was teaching Sam how to shoot a basketball on the ground. Sam was all ears -- I just couldn't find the camera - DANG IT!  So cute. Justin is a wonderful husband and father. I love him so much!

I have had a few other things come into my life. I am organizing a weekly spouse get together for all of the spouses in Justin's class. We are so blessed to have so many of us in one class! They are all awesome girls that I want to get to know better and it's a good out for us all, I hope.
I was also put in as the Activity Days Assistant in our ward - working with girls 8-11 years old two nights a month. We had our first activity this last Wednesday. It's sure fun to be around kids again. It's been too long. I am also taking group reservations for the Crazy Corn Maze, which is always fun. Lastly, we had a neighbor get together at our place yesterday. We have had three new families move in on our street recently. It turned out to be a lot of fun. I hope to do it more often. There are so many good people that I can learn from and have lots of fun with. It just feels better to know your neighbors

Sam is sitting up most of the time, it is so fun to see him explore his world from a new point of view. He is also trying out new sounds: screaming, laughing more, smacking his tongue and lips, aahh sounds, and more. I'm trying to video tape him often :) During the Girls activity night they were practicing a song, Sam joined right in with some screaches. (that's the best way I can describe it). One girl asked
 "What is he doing?"
"It's his way of talking/singing" 
They all thought it was hilarious. Sam seemed to have a great time with the girls.
Sam is just waking up now, he wakes up and softly baby talks in his crib, So cute! I have a hard time getting anything done while he's awake. He's just too much fun to play with.
We play follow the leader, up and down, patty cake, pulling on the fan strings, flying, dancing, and much more. I love this little guy!
Sam's favorite foods - peas, carrots, sweet potatoes,
It took him time to warm up to bananas, apples
and he does not like avacado!

We are so blessed! I need to be better at expressing my thanks to my Heavenly Father and also to those around me. I have so much to be thankful for.
I left to do some shopping on Saturday and came back to find dad had dressed Sam. :) the too small hat made me laugh

First clothing item I have purchased for Sam - a sweater - the weather took a quick dip into chilly weather

Yep, that would be green peas on Sam's forehead. I stepped away just long enough for him to find the end of the spoon and flip the peas up and onto himself. Ha ha, had to capture this moment.


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