End of Summer days!

I have been busy doing I'm not sure exactly what but here are a few photos I captured these past few weeks. Enjoy!

We had some great weather, storms with cold fronts -so Sam and I enjoyed the weather. He is totally an outside boy. I cannot remember a time he has fussed outside - mmm, okay maybe once.

I couldn't resist not taking this picture. All those rolls. He is so interested in his surroundings now. He is holding one of the pictures he pulled off the wall while his dad was getting him ready for bed. 
 Sam's sporting his dad's uniform (okay just the hat)
 Sam loved a package sent to us from Grandma and Grandpa Barfuss -- it was full of delicious treats - labeled camping package. With no mountains and pushing 100 degree weather, camping during the summer just doesn't sound all that appealing. Thanks mom for thinking of us.


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