Celebrating TWO years!

On September 2 of this year we have officially been husband and wife for 2 years! Most of the time I think it has been a lot longer than two years - but in an extremely good way.  After two years together I can't imagine life without Justin. I share everything with him and have even worked up to telling him all of my opinions, even those that I would have a hard time sharing with others. I think back on our wedding day - how much I thought I loved Justin then. This sounds so cliche, but our love has definitely deepened and gets that much better as we spend time and effort working at our marriage. Just like any relationship, a marriage takes work and with that effort our relationship gets that much better. This makes it sound like we never argue ha ha - we definitely have our disagreements and days we drive each other a little crazy but that's pretty rare. The rest of the time we enjoy being together. To help celebrate and remember our past two years, here is a list I came up with rather quickly of what we have found reoccurring in our lives these past two years - definitely not all encompassing.

Talking about politics, the AirForce, or updating each other about our days
Studying or sitting next to each other (even now, after graduating college - thanks to Pilot training) :)
Eating a bowl of cold cereal late at night
Going for a do-nut or ice cream run when we have a sweet tooth.
Chatting late at night while laying in bed, or cuddling after we hit the snooze button in the morning
Pouring cold water on each other in the shower
(this is a recent one) Spraying each other with the sink sprayer out our kitchen window
Taking turns calming our upset Sam in the middle of the night
Laughing as burp up, spit up, or poop is drizzling down Sam and us (most recent was on top of Justin's head)
Reminiscing about our dating and college days
Recognizing ourselves picking up habits/different ways of thinking from each other. (ie: how logical a decision or opinion is, losing wallet/keys/etc, cheap vs quality)
Going on runs, walks, and motorcycle rides together
Writing love/encouraging notes for one another
Blaming/teasing each other for going over the budget
(another recent one) playing and singing at the piano together
Just plain teasing each other
Doing things with each other, even when it's not our first pick (ie: golfing, decorating the house, shopping, watching a movie or football game,

Because Justin was in between phase I and phase II of pilot training and it was Labor Day weekend we got away and celebrated it by staying two nights in Oklahoma City. I was in charge of planning this year -- and I can say, not much went as planned.

The plan: 
Friday - leave around 4:15
Bricktown for nice dinner and river walk

Sat - Temple
Frontier City
OKC Memorial

Sunday - Church @10am
drive home

How it actually happened:
Friday - Pizza on the way around 6:45
Stopped at Target for a quick spend our gift card spree
Checked in at hotel
Sam woke up twice and screamed for a bit - should have just fed him :)

Saturday -
Slept in, watched a little football, drove to the temple, but our recommends expired Friday - so we felt the peace of the temple from outside
Grabbed Subway on the way to Frontier City around 2:30pm- really hot but did finally reach the water park part of it around 5:45
Ate at Panera Bread 
Another night with two screaming wakes up with Sam - We were both on board to research into how to get Sam to sleep through the nights. :)

Sunday -  Sacrament mtg at noon
headed home and had Sunday School in our car

We decided next time we need to leave asap on Friday and set our alarm so we make the most of our trip. :) Overall we still had a good time.

Oklahoma City Temple - not the best picture :)
Target splurge for Sam

Hydrating and keeping Sam cool at Frontier City
Sam did find a way to get some sleep

Our favorite - was the waterpark at Frontier City


  1. Can't believe it has already been two years. Time flies. I can't think of a time you weren't a part of the family. You guys are so cute together. Sam sure is a cutie. Growing so fast.

  2. I love Panera's! I ate there once in Tulsa and I'm hooked now.


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