Preparations for Christmas 2013

Before we left for our time in Utah we did have fun preparing for Christmas. Knowing we would be leaving soon I was more motivated to start earlier on everything. It made for a less stressful Christmas. Now if I can do that every year, that would be something. :)

 Our Christmas tree and stockings. We didn't put one up last year, so I really enjoyed it this year. I would sit on the couch and just look at it quite often.  After it came down, Sam is still pointing to the flat circle in our carpet and saying "twee".
Our new neighbors received some bread and Maddox raspberry butter from us for Christmas. I really enjoyed making it but was glad we were so new I only had to make one batch of each. :)

Then we were off to Utah - Sam and I flew out December 17th, Justin joining us on the 23rd.


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