Snow Days in Arkansas

Through the winter we had several ice storms which meant no school for the neighbors and no work for Justin. We partied like we had no school! We checked out the ice, watched movies, read books, played together and stayed inside for almost three days one time. We also played in the snow - which is actually a sheet of ice. People kept saying this year was abnormal. We don't know what normal is here. :)
We kind of chuckled at how EVERYTHING shuts down with any precipitation below freezing. Being from Utah school may be canceled if there is 5 feet of snow. In other words if you can get out of the driveway, you're going to school. But we also came to realize that the snow here is definitely more dangerous and everyone should stay inside. It's a sheet of ice under what little snow might be on top.  We also found it funny that right before an ice storm hit Arkansans made sure they had the french toast ingredients on hand. The "french toast ingredients" go missing in every store! You can't find milk, bread or eggs anywhere. Luckily we usually had them, or we just ate cold cereal.
We enjoyed the winter in Arkansas even if we missed the Best Snow on Earth. (for non Utahns, Utah has the best snow on Earth)

Eating cold cereal while watching "Ice Age"
We went sledding on our garbage can lid and snowboards. Good times.
This is our house in snow! (ice that looks like snow)


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