We love visitors!

WE LOVE VISITERS! We were so excited for Mom and Dad Schmidt to come and then my mom. What a special treat! Mom and Dad Schmidt came Friday and left Monday. We fed them dinner along with the Sister Missionaries Friday night. Saturday we made the drive to the Blanchard Caverns. We got to tour it again with them -- Sam was so excited to ride the green school bus again. Saturday night while Dad and Justin went to the Priesthood session, Mom and I caught up on Saturdays General Conference. On Sunday we enjoyed General Conference all together. I always receive direction and am uplifted. It is such a blessing to have prophets and apostles today who Christ uses to guide and direct His church. I can't remember when we did these other activities, but we did them. We went to Justin's work and got to see the C-130J simulators from the outside. It's kind of crazy to watch a huge box on hydraulics moving around. Justin explained and taught us more about the C-130J. It's always fun to learn more about what Justin does. It's easy to get caught up in what Sam and I are doing that we don't always stay updated with all the new stuff dad is learning and doing. We visited the lake that's on base, the static display airplanes, and right before we dropped them off at the airport we took a trolley tour of downtown Little Rock. It was sure nice to have them here. Thanks Mom and Dad Schmidt for the wonderful visit and for your love and support no matter where we are.

2 days later, my mom flew in! Last time my mom was going to come I talked her out of it because of how expensive the flights were, ha. I won't do that again. I was so excited to show my mom all that we do. It's different when we visit them in Utah. We are out of our normal routine and we can't show and offer what we have and do. The first night was chill, but the next two nights Justin and I were on our own. Grandma Barfuss watched Sam while we hit a temple session together in Memphis and went out dancing with our good friends the Zambrano's. We haven't been to the temple together for over a year. It sure was nice to be there together. During the days we rode bikes along the river trail, went to story time at the Library (which we go to weekly), and hit our ward's Easter egg hunt. Church and games on Sunday before my mom caught her flight early Monday morning. During this time somehow my Mom weeded our flower beds (I had given up when they didn't die over the winter, there were so many), cleaned all the ceilings, getting all our cob webs down and cleaned all our light fixtures. Thanks Mom for your help. They were all things that needed to get done before we moved. I feel less stressed because of the good head start this gives us. What a wonderful visit it was. When we're in Utah Sam gets time with everyone all at once. These special visits allow him to bond with each family member at his own home and in his space one on one. We treasure that, because we know the time for him to bond not over skype is scarce.
Story time has become one of Sam's favorites. Jacksonville City Library does an awesome job. They know every kid by name and there are a lot of kids and different ones every week. They love the kids and really put so much extra time and effort into the activities and reading they do. I'm always entertained too!
This is the Zambrano's and us taking turns performing on the downtown outdoor stage after a nice dinner and before we hit the Salsa Dancing. We got a good laugh out of it.
The beautiful lit bridges over the Arkansas River. Justin and I decided we're not very good at Salsa dancing, but it was a fun night anyways. Thanks Zambrano's for taking us and teaching us and for always making us laugh. We had a great time!
The Easter Egg hunt was a success. By the end Sam understood that there was a treat in each egg. He was a little slow on moving onto the next egg after he found one. He didn't realize they were disappearing with the other kids. I think he found like 3 :) But a few other kids shared their eggs with him - how nice.
We are so blessed to have such wonderful family. We love them so!


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