Jacob & Kaitlin's Wedding

At this time I was really feeling homesick. I knew moving to a foreign country would be hard, but it was harder than I expected and I was especially sad to miss out on my brother's wedding. But after getting here and finally getting over jet lag, finding a house and everything else that came with the move we just couldn't see how traveling back would be possible, especially for Sam who finally got another home after being 'homeless' for over 2.5 months.

It was still hard to miss out on such a wonderful family event -- really got to me. But it looks as if all went so well and beautiful!

We are so excited to have Kaitlin become part of our family! Lots of fun times to come.

All the family together -- aw, we'll be there next time I swear! I love them all so much!
 Craig was on his mission and so missed out on the event too.

                                                What a beautiful couple! I sure love them!


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