Cousin fun!

On the way down to Salt Lake as we talked about the time we had left until our little boy will be here and also the very real possibility we will be several hours away in Oklahoma as early as May .... Justin said, "We have to be remembered as being fun!" So, we decided to host a cousin sleep over -- we did ask Richard and Jo permission to allow the kids to trash their house for a night -- they were very gracious and were a lot of help.

They came over Sunday night - we played "get to the top of the stairs with pillows being thrown at you", and "hide and go seek". We then made the girls' beds upstairs in the TV room, with the boys in Justin's room downstairs. We read stories to fall asleep --  thank goodness for Sydney's great babysitting experience and expertise -- with her back scratches and my reading we finally got all the girls asleep (I think 10 of them). Don't worry, Justin was reading to the boys - Grant and Kyle were out in no time, Michael was too much into the story to fall asleep, so Justin finally had to tell him the story would have to be finished later.

Since we didn't get them to bed until about 11:30pm they all slept through the night! We did wake up at 7am to kid screams.... ha ha.

Richard made enough pancakes to feed the herd. Jo shared stories with them, we then got ready and went sledding! Fun times!

It was a bit of a crazy party, but we hope the kids remember the fun they had with their cousins!

Sledding train!!

Not sure why Emily's mouth is open .. ha ha

Life saver - Sydney

Exhausted babysitter!


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