FHE - February 13th

For the activity I suggested we make homemade Valentines -- it's sure fun to be artsy!

Justin gave a wonderful lesson on the Old Testament book “Hosea” – I had no memory of the story. Hosea, an Old Testament prophet was commanded to marry a harlot, Gomer. A little interesting and controversial, but keep reading it gets better. They get married have two kids and then she leaves him and goes back to her harlot ways. Despite everything Hosea continues to love Gomer and ask for her return to him.
Take a minute to think about it …..

Now relate this relationship to us and God’s relationship. Often times in the scriptures the relationship of us (members of the church) is the bride and Christ and our Heavenly Father are the bridegroom. Despite our desires and actions that take us back to our ‘harlot’ ways, unfaithful actions and thoughts towards God, he continues to love us and wants us to come back as Hosea loved and wanted Gomer to return to him.
Think on that …..
What a beautiful love story – After being married, that relationship and love means a little more to me now, and yet I know I still do not fully understand the love God has for each of us. He loves us so much! In my last lesson we talked about when Lehi bore testimony of God encircling Him in the arms of His love. If we take time to notice, and truly desire it, we can and will feel His love!


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