Air Force -- Bring it on!

Lately we have been feeling more a part of the United States Air Force, we realize it will be a big part of our life for quite some time.

We will be moving to Oklahoma anytime between May and next February, for Pilot training and then be contracted, moving about every 3 years, for the 10 years after that. Some where in there Justin will be deployed. There are pros and cons to being part of the military but Justin and I are ready to face it together with our little boy whatever may come. We have a deep desire to serve and defend our blessed country and yet we have started to feel the military's control and influence in our life. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but something to get used to. I definitely am gaining more and more respect and reverence for those who have and are serving in the military. It will be quite the ride -- but we say BRING IT ON! We know God will be behind all parts of the plan. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have as members of Christ's church on the earth today.

February 18th Justin had the TriDet competition at the University of Utah. Justin competed in the pushup, flag football, and questionnaire competitions. He gave his best effort, might have not felt that great about his performance, but I was sure proud of him.  I enjoyed getting to know the other spouses of cadets and do look forward to getting to know a variety of people, cultures, and countries as we serve in the Air Force. I know we will build awesome relationships wherever we go. I just hope we can keep in touch with everyone. This blog will hopefully help.

Justin also had a racquetball tournament the night before!  It was fun to watch him. He didn't win any matches and was frustrated with his playing, but turned it into determination to work harder, and was reminded it is okay to lose once in a while (he doesn't lose very often).  
Push up competition

Flag Football competition

Questionnaire competition


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