UPT Officially Begins

Today is the day when Justin actually started UPT. The other stuff was all in preparation. His day started out with the PT test at 6am. He was able to come home until about 10 and then was gone until 4:30, not quite 12 hours yet. I'm so glad they are breaking us in slowly. Although, besides eating dinner and playing his volleyball game tonight, he has had his nose in the books.
Here's a little picture of the stack he brought home last week -- I'm pretty sure most of this he will go through in these first 6 weeks of academics.

People have been asking me what I will do while he is busy for 12+ hours which has given me reason to think about it. I hope to first be the best wife and mom I can be, and then I hope to work on my piano skills and possibly learn Spanish. Justin is the Spanish Sunday school teacher, so that will help motivate me and give me exposure to Spanish once a week.

We have thoroughly enjoyed casual status. But this is why we came to Oklahoma and we are ready to make the most of this part of it too. Here we go!

I had to include these pictures -- good family times!

We sure love this little feller .... smother him lots.

We had to take this picture several times, Sam's not sure what's going on :)


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