A happy reuinion!

After being apart for 26 days we were reunited at the Salt Lake City Airport Friday, June 22! It was sure good to see Justin, who was also excited to see me and Samuel. Family is what makes the world go round. Life would seem rather empty without family.

Justin had applied for leave and so we had 4 days with the family and friends in Utah!

We met up with the Fleshman's in Logan for a minute, attended Sherstin's reception and had a night together at the Barfuss' house. We then met them up camping for a dynamite breakfast!

Thank you Barfuss' for the fun!

We then left for Salt Lake. We enjoyed a family party at Ryan and Anna's house Sunday. Monday we went to the Kennecott Copper Mine with the Schmidts and Tuesday we met up with our friends Dan and Megan.
Justin entertained the kids on the way to Kennecott Copper Mine
Look at that HUGE tire for the trucks used at the copper mine

Justin got a good day with his dad on the farm too. :) Thank you Schmidts for the fun

It really was that windy!

We are truly blessed to have such amazing family who love and support us in all we do and are great examples for us. We love them all!!

We are also grateful for the many friendships we have and for the fun we have had with them as well as their examples! Thank you friends!

Last but not least we are grateful for our Heavenly Father. As we were apart we felt his watchful and loving care for us and are grateful to Him for our safe return to each other and home.  


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