While scanning through out blog I realized I have not put up anything about our move to Oklahoma! Not having internet for a while sent me for a loop.  So here is a bit of a tribute to Oklahoma our new hometown along with how we got here!

We left Logan May 6, went to the Barfuss' for dinner and to drop off the moving truck, then stayed the night in Salt Lake with the Schmidts. This gave us an opportunity to say our goodbyes. Although I knew I was coming back in three weeks. Good thing, or else there would have been many more tears.

My dad and Grandpa Jess drove the moving truck, while Justin, Sam and I rode in Lucy, our white honda accord. Sam was an amazing traveler, even if he slept most of the time. Justin, Sam and I stopped every three hours to feed Sam, trying to hit it at the same time we stopped for lunch and for the night. The trip took us three days and two nights. We arrived in Enid, Oklahoma May 9, 2012! As we drove into Oklahoma Justin let out an excited holler that scared little Sam. We took from his crying he was having a hard time leaving family too. :)
Moving to Oklahoma wore Sam right out! Slept most of the day, and all through the night too.

The whole gang slept at the TLC (temporary living center - I think) for that night before we could get into our house the next day. But that didn't keep us from driving over to what was going to be our home the next day that night. It was a little disappointed in the lawn, but so excited to have a place of our own.

Pulled out card games to play, after our safe arrival. Met some great people too!
The next day, May 10 we signed our lease and got all the paperwork done, so we could start moving in! We all worked on moving our endless boxes. Thanks Dad and Grandpa for their help.

That night our little family shared our first night in our new home, and Grandpa and dad stayed in the hotel one more night. Justin had to report in and so Sam and I took Dad and Grandpa to the airport. Dad and Grandpa Jess were great traveling buddies and awesome help with the move. We are so grateful for their help. They also babysat Sam one of the nights so Justin and I could go on a run together.  Thanks, thanks, thanks! We were sad to see them go. This is where I shed a few tears.

We love our new place. It's open, has lots of sun showing windows, and 1 more bedroom than our last place. We have complained about our loud air conditioner but are so grateful we have it in this 100+ heat, not to mention the humidity on top of it. Walking into our A/C house is a breath of fresh air! Our house is not showy but very comfortable.

Our living and dining room, with the kitchen to the right
As people asked me what I like about Oklahoma, I have to say the wildlife that tends to hang around right in our yard! Bluebirds, toads, Armadillos, and squirrels. Okay, we've heard there is an Armadillo in our back yard but haven't spotted it yet. :)

Our home here in Oklahoma!
Trying to eat cold cereal with decorative spoons ... not that easy!
Next move the silverware will be on top and labeled. :)

During these weeks since being back from IFS and Utah we have had the time to site see and ejony Oklahoma. We watched the July 4th fireworks at the pretty park here in Enid, traveled to and toured the Oklahoma State Capitol building and Stockyard City! We do miss the mountains a little, but the plains are beautiful in their own way too. In our travels we have enjoyed marveling at the endless fields, some of what we have no idea what it is. We need to talk to a local farmer. :)

At times we wonder if folks in Enid get tired of AirForce/Military people. There are a lot of us and topics often tend to turn to the military, but I have to say we have only experienced welcoming and grateful Oklahomans. We feel a part of the community - we quite like Oklahomans.

Our neighbors on base have also been friendly and nice to us. We definitely feel as safe and secure here as we did in Utah.

We are enjoying our time here in Oklahoma!

4th of July fireworks at Meadowlake Park, Enid, Oklahoma

Justin and me

Sam slept right through the fireworks, but loved being outside before.

Thanks to our new friends the Kellers for the fun!

Sam is a trouper! State Congressional room

The State Supreme Court Room

This town is all about the Cowboys!


Sam along for the fun -- isn't he just so cute! Yes, those cheeks are so much fun.


  1. It's looks so great! Glad you guys feel safe and welcomed :)


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