Saturday, July 28, 2012

Schmidt Dance Party

Today we had time to relax and have fun after the first week of UPT.

We ate whole wheat oat banana pancakes for breakfast, which were delicious. I ran up town for a bit, Justin went to volleyball practice, we got our new modem and router working and then had lunch. Justin and I played a random but fun hand slapping game while Sam was sleeping. I won and pretty much tackled Justin with excitement because of my rare victory. We then had a Schmidt style dance party!

Since graduating/having more time Justin and I have finally used some of our stuff we have kept for a long time but hadn't used. The speakers I picked up from the school I student taught at and Justin's I pod helped bring to pass this Schmidt dance party. Sam didn't know what to think about the dance at first, but we found a few dance moves that made him laugh.

The Schmidt surround sound - free.99!

Sam trying to make sense of the craziness

Between turns dancing with Sam each of us competed at Angry Birds - it's quite the fun and addicting game

Sam laughing! - We love to hear him laugh

Laying on the ground allowing Sam to dance in the air -- his favorite dancing.
Now we're talking about going out for ice cream, furniture shopping, or swimming. We'll see which one wins out. I love spontaneous days with my family. I am so blessed with the family I have. I love Justin and Sam so much!


  1. looks like you are having a ton of fun!!!! Hope everything is going well.

  2. So darling! :) Love your surround sound!