Schmidt Dance Party

Today we had time to relax and have fun after the first week of UPT.

We ate whole wheat oat banana pancakes for breakfast, which were delicious. I ran up town for a bit, Justin went to volleyball practice, we got our new modem and router working and then had lunch. Justin and I played a random but fun hand slapping game while Sam was sleeping. I won and pretty much tackled Justin with excitement because of my rare victory. We then had a Schmidt style dance party!

Since graduating/having more time Justin and I have finally used some of our stuff we have kept for a long time but hadn't used. The speakers I picked up from the school I student taught at and Justin's I pod helped bring to pass this Schmidt dance party. Sam didn't know what to think about the dance at first, but we found a few dance moves that made him laugh.

The Schmidt surround sound - free.99!

Sam trying to make sense of the craziness

Between turns dancing with Sam each of us competed at Angry Birds - it's quite the fun and addicting game

Sam laughing! - We love to hear him laugh

Laying on the ground allowing Sam to dance in the air -- his favorite dancing.
Now we're talking about going out for ice cream, furniture shopping, or swimming. We'll see which one wins out. I love spontaneous days with my family. I am so blessed with the family I have. I love Justin and Sam so much!


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