Michelin Man!

Our Michelin Man
 These past three weeks Justin has been on casual status, meaning he has few responsibilities and can spend lots of time with Sam and I. On one of our outings, we had dinner with our friends Justin and Jessica Robins. While there, Jessica called Sam "Michelin Man", we laughed then and after, thinking it fit Sam just right. He has put on quite the weight. When his arms are up in the flexing position he has little rolls of fat that I think look like big muscles for a boy his age. As of July 9th, Sam weighs 16.2 lbs. He has tripled his birth weight in 3.5 months. All the more to love! Lately I just can't get enough pictures of our little guy, even if pictures don't quite do him and his smile justice. We love and tend to smother our Michelin Man with hugs and kisses often. 
But he doesn't seem to mind.

I just couldn't resist getting the camera out on this one

He is really building his neck muscles, even if we rarely see his neck

I just want to squeeze him!

Two irresistible men in my life.


  1. The last picture is priceless; so cute!

  2. Haha! Who knew I was so influential? Love it!

  3. This makes me smile!! We sure miss you guys! Glad to see you guys are doing well!!


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