My first experience of UPT in action

So far the only thing I have known about UPT is what Justin tells me. But this last Tuesday, July 31 spouses were invited to their training. A couple wives told me it would be worth going to. I have to admit, I was disappointed. Justin takes stress and change well or something, because he gave me nothing to laugh about, or a reaction at all. He simple followed orders. I guess I should be glad he didn't go loopy or pass out and glad that he can handle stressful situations. Good work Justin!

Despite my disappointment, it was interesting to see the chamber and watch how they simulated the pilots going up to 25,000ft. A 1st Lt was kind enough to explain what was going on at different times. She got the conversation going when she said Sam reminder her of Sam - she has a 3 month old Sam at home. :)

Chatting with the other wives was fun and seeing them in their official gear was good. Overall it was a fun experience still.
We did bob Sam's head up in the little circle windows every once in a while which put a smile on the pilots' faces, especially his dad's.

Here are a few photos -- I'm not the greatest photographer -- but you get the idea.

Justin on left in chamber

Inside the chamber - double checking their masks

Where we spent our time looking in and watching the Olympics

Justin taking notes as needed while at 25,000ft.

Still waiting for something funny or entertaining.


  1. I agree with you, Isaac was insistent that I go and take pictures (I guess I assumed it would be cool since this is his third time going and he was still excited about it), but I was bummed there wasn't more action. Like you said, it was nice to be able to go though and see our husbands and some of the wives.


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