RAIN and 70 degrees --- What?!

Oh how I have missed the rain. I love my sunny days, but oh how I love it when it rains too! Oklahoma is having a 2nd year of terrible drought. Last fast Sunday the stake presidency asked us to all fast for moisture -- Heavenly Father answered our prayers. It came down so perfectly. Light enough that the ground could soak it up and over several hours. I'm sure the farmers are thanking Him tonight.  What a testimony that God lives, and is watching over us.

70?! I couldn't believe it. This is just the beginning. The cold front before the bigger storm supposedly. Wow, did it feel good. Sam and I started out the day with a run/walk -- usually he's in a onesie, but today I put some pants on him and took a blanket just in case. It was probably around 73 degrees -- unheard of here in Oklahoma since before June. It's struggled to get below 80 at night.

His duck outfit - didn't keep the too small hat on him - just for the picture.
And then it rained!! I wanted Sam to wake up before it stopped so bad. I was tempted to wake him up. But I didn't. When he woke up, Justin came with a little prodding and we dance in our front little nook. I decided that's what we should use it for --- a dance floor -- ha ha.  We did a bit dancing, but more splashing in the puddle. Sam didn't give much of a reaction, but seemed to like it. I took him splashing on the side of our street too. He's so much fun!

Justin DID have fun! :)

We love this little guy sooooo much! -  mother's intuition dressing him in his duck outfit? ha ha


  1. He is so cute!!! And you look so good! Wow glad you had a small chance under 80 degrees..seems too hot!

  2. Duck man! lol I am so missing this cool weather right now...


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