The Schmidt Home

So, we have lived here in Oklahoma for almost 4 months (one month we were gone) and I can say I have finally made it the Schmidt's home. It isn't much, but I have so enjoyed it! It has been up for a couple of weeks now. It feels good to have the unpacking done, but it feels even better when it's got personality. I'm not the best photographer, but this is what I could do to show it off. :)

Walking in the front door
On your left as you walk in "Family time is sacred time"

Walked in a few steps to the living room
Living room from couch view
The front door is on the right - this is our kitchen!
Behind the couch

The Hallway
The office - Justin's corner :)

 Samuel's Room

 Our bathroom

Looking back out the front door -- the master bedroom is still in the works :)


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