I LOVE being a mom!

Samuel has been a little more fussy lately. When I say fussy I mean when he's playing he does this sad tone of talking. It's really a pretty nice fussy and sometimes I might wait too long to do something about it because it is so nice. But today, once I got done watering our suffering flowers I devoted more attention to Sam. We watched the Olympics together, we danced, looked at our reflections, made funny noises, read a couple of books, and I told him stories as I folded laundry.  Then as the day went on I read about ear infections and found several symptoms that Sam has. We'll have it checked out tomorrow for sure. But I told Justin if Sam has an ear infection he is being extremely well behaved. Thinking that he might be in pain helped me have more compassion, and be all the more grateful for the smiles he still gives me each time I go get him after a nap. He was having a hard time falling asleep tonight and I decided, to heck with those books, I'm rocking him to sleep. I really didn't want to put him down. I love this little boy sooooo much. I don't want him to experience any pain. Lately I have caught myself trying to help him do everything and then realizing that if I keep this up, he might not learn key things for life. (my first dose of parenthood I suppose) I thought I loved him when he was in my tummy, but my love for him has grown immensely.

We had a wonderful FHE, Justin gave a great lesson, we had Reese's Puffs for dessert and Sam eating Rice Cereal was our activity. We are so entertained by our adorably fun boy!

Even though I only got about half of the things on my list done today -- it was one of my best days!

I am so grateful that Justin works hard and supports me in being a stay at home mom. Some days are definitely harder than others but I wouldn't want any other job. It has taken me a while to say that. I really loved college, and was sad I didn't get to have a 'real' teaching job, but playing and teaching Samuel tops it all!

This post might not make a whole lot of sense because I cannot quite put into words how wonderful it is to be a wife and mother. I am in awe that God has trusted us to experience the opportunity to raise this beautiful baby boy.


  1. Being a mom is the best! nothing tops being a wife and a mother!


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