Exploring Arkansas

We had about 2 1/2 weeks to get settled in our home. It included a lot of unpacking, organizing, and shopping, but we also had time to hang out together as a family. It's been a lot of fun and time needed for us to regroup after pilot training and a move. We love all the trees here especially with the fall colors. Yes we have jumped in piles of leaves! Here are a few photos of our little adventures - I've learned everything is an adventure with a toddler. I apparently lost sight of what it is like to be a kid. :)

We grabbed dinner and hit a big park here in Jacksonville - we have 11 to explore

 There are a lot of lakes here. Sam loves water and being outside - he's in heaven.

 We tried to take a walk around the lake/pond which resulted in a very slow paced walk, if moving at all. Sam loves to throw rocks in the water. So we got a system going - I found rocks and handed them to Sam while we walked, Sam on Justin's shoulders would throw the rocks when Justin stopped. He was quick to say "more" each time, kept me busy looking for rocks.

 Okay, this one is posed, but he is still focusing on a Physics text book, not to bad eh, -- also check out the pencil in his ear. Yep, he'll be a genius someday.
 This is one of our favorite activities lately - doing dishes. Sam loves to play in the bubbles and water. It does result in wet counter tops and floor but the more clean each of them get right?.
 Sam and I made cookies to take to our new neighbors and I'm not sure where he learned how to do this, neither of us has taught him but he knew right what to do when I gave it to him. (okay, he's probably watched me do it)
 We biked "The Big Dam Bridge" It's the longest pedestrian bridge in the world and pretty cool. Yes Sam had been crying. He didn't want to get off the bike and then he found rocks and he didn't want to get back on the bike. But overall we think he had fun.:)

Neither a great picture of me, but you can see the bridge and cute Sam.


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