We have a HUGE map on our wall and I LOVE it!

We have a HUGE map on our wall - we've dreamed about having one in our library one day, but here in our home now we had a huge wall in our dining room. Justin mentioned how good a world map would look on it. Well, 3 weeks later, a lot of shopping and brainstorming and with Justin's determination to get it done, here it is.  I just thought it was a nice idea since we are only going to be here for 8 months. I'm so glad we did it. :)

Now I'll take a moment to brag on my hubby a little more. He doesn't like me to do this, but I will just for a bit -shh. Justin is a fantastic husband and father. A day does not go by that he doesn't kiss me goodbye and hello and take time to play and laugh with Sam. He works so hard and handles a lot of stress with his job. I'm so involved with myself and Sam that I often forget to recognize all that he does with his work and then on top of that helps out around the house and plays with us. He even handles my complaining well. Somehow he helps me laugh about it and therefore remember there's a lot to be thankful for. He honors his priesthood and is a wonderful spiritual leader in our home. He's been there for Sam's bedtime routine and family prayers, held family home evening on Mondays and for my sake family council on Sundays. I just don't know how I lucked out to snag such a good man not to mention his good looks.  I love him dearly! He is my best friend. He listens to all my jabber, whatever it's about. It's true living away from family does make you closer as a family. We hate missing out on family fun back in Utah but we have become "tight like unto a dish"!

This HUGE map was his idea -- love it!


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