The Arkansas River and Fort Smith

On our move to Arkansas we stayed a night in Fort Smith, Arkansas -which is just across the border. We were walking this bridge to see the welcome to Arkansas sign, but it was going to be a scary trek so we took a picture of the Welcome to Oklahoma sign instead. You get the idea. :)

Our hotel was really nice -- Sam loved the water feature, elevator and the swimming pool! Yes we went swimming. Sam loves water.

The next morning we made it the rest of the way to Jacksonville to stay in the Temporary Lodging Facility for a few nights. So far Arkansas is awesome! We love the trees here in Arkansas, it makes us feel like we're in the mountains. We are really close to Little Rock but don't feel like we're close to a big city which is nice and convenient. We've got the best of both worlds. The weather has been beautiful, but we hear the summers are a different story. So our stay in Arkansas should be awesome since we will be gone before June 30th. Ha, I'm sure they wouldn't be much worse than the summers in Oklahoma.


  1. Glad to see that you are still moving forward with your adventure. The South is such a beautiful part of the country! Sure, Utah has mountains, but you are right about the trees there! The thick green forests that seem to be everywhere are quite a sight to behold! Thank you for the update!


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