25?! YIKES

Justin had to go on his Cross Country trip for my birthday weekend but he still took good care of me and gave me a big wad of cash to go clothes shopping. (The fact that I had a break down after being embarrassed that I was still wearing clothes from middle school at a social might have ignited the idea)

I can't believe I'm 25! Wow, time is flying so much faster. I am so blessed and am truly enjoying life - most days. :) I get down here and there, but who doesn't?

I went to the Relief Society activity that night and came home to the dishes and laundry all done - which there was a lot of both, and a cake and decorations! Justin sang to me and we ate cake and ice cream together.

I received two packages from loved ones which was exciting. Thanks mom, dad, Jake, and Grandma!
I also received phone calls with the "Happy Birthday Song"
I felt very loved!


  1. Happy Birthday Melissa! we are pretty similar- most of my clothes are from my early years in high school! Wish you lived close and we could have gone shopping together:) Glad you had a great day!

  2. Glad you got to celebrate your birthday, even if it was a little late. Wish I was there too! :-) Happy belated birthday!! And if it's any consolation, I always thought your clothes were super cute and had no idea they were from middle school.-but yes, I did have one of those moments earlier this year, although it only lead to throwing out a lot of clothes...I still haven't done the shopping part...mostly because I am fashion clueless. ;)

    1. Haha, Jenn I totally think that's what is going to happen to me too. I bought one shirt today. :) Thanks for the compliment. And I always thought you had cute clothes too. -- We have no need to worry . Miss you guys!


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