Sam's adventures

Oh the fun we have that we wouldn't have without Sam. We love him so much. This is a fun age. Sam knows what he wants and has found clever ways to tell us. Usually he uses an "uh, uh" with his arm extended in the direction of what he wants. Here are a few of the recent exciting times for Sam I have captured on our camera.

 This was the day we transplanted our garden! It was sure an exciting day for me. I will blog more about it specifically soon. As soon as Sam saw our green plants he was after them. We tried to distract him and well, the muddy puddle worked. We let him get soooo muddy. He was splashing in the mud. He came back over when he was getting cold despite the really warm weather because he was so wet and muddy. Justin took him home and threw him in the bath while I finished transplanting. When I got home and saw the tub I was reminded how muddy Sam really had become. He loved it and we were able to keep working.
Recently Justin has taken the time to start the motorcycle for Sam and show him the horn. The motorcycle sits right here by our front door and every time it is in Sam's sight he is pointing his arm in the direction of the motorcycle saying "uh, uh, uh". I decided to let Justin do the motorcycle thing. I would be worn out if we did it every time he wanted to. :) Most days he is okay with my answer that he'll have to wait until dad gets home, but one day he had a break down. It was nap time but still quite sad. He got over it quick and we do stop by every fire hydrant along our walks.
With two kids I just don't get much of the house cleaning done I use to. In order to get our quite disgusting bathroom clean I recruited Sam's help. It turned into Sam sitting in the sink turning the water on and off, yes he was getting extremely wet. Then he found out if he stood up he could see himself in the mirror. He thought that was funny. I kept a close eye on him realizing this was a dangerous situation but he truly enjoyed himself. And I got the bathroom cleaned!


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