Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's day weekend!

It started with a visit to the Oklahoma City Temple. Recently in our scripture study as a couple in the Old Testament and in my personal scripture study of the Book of Mormon my mind has been enlightened to how the Bible is the word of God, but many question are unanswered where simple truths have been lost in it's many translations and that is where the Book of Mormon can be such a great help. They truly lean on each other. This made my experience at the temple all the more special.

Justin and Sam shopped while I was in the temple, they picked me up and we snagged lunch at Qdoba, a Mexican restaurant, and then hit the zoo.

Here are a few pictures of our time at the Zoo:

Sam watching the Elephants
He won't wear his sunglasses, dang it! He looks so cute in them

Sam loved and danced to the music at the shows
The mom and baby elephant were so cute - my favorite

Sea Lion Show

We wore Sam right out. He hasn't fallen asleep somewhere besides in a bed for a long time, but he did at the zoo. 

Then Sunday was breakfast in bed, wonderful meetings in church, a BBQ with Ivan (a member of Justin's Spanish gospel doctrine class) and his family and then catching up with our mom's that night. It was a great weekend!

I feel loved and so blessed!


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