Having Twins

For the past month I have had twins! Well, kind of. Leo spends his Monday - Friday from 7:30- 3:30ish at our place and is 1 month younger than Sam. I've never really desired to have twins and I still feel that way, but it has been quite a learning experience and a lot of fun to have our friend Leo join Sam and I. Sam has thoroughly enjoyed having a playmate. I considered the pros and cons as I pondered and prayed about if it was right for our family and the pros weighed out and felt right.

I love being a stay at home mom, most days :), and did not want to steer in any direction of not giving my full attention to my kids (right now, Sam) at home. It's so easy to forget the importance of the work at home and desire the success and accomplishments of the world. So easily I can compare my worth to what I bring in money wise or what projects I finish. Being a mom, some days you don't get much of anything "done" even if you feel exhausted at the end of the day, and I shouldn't need to get anything more done that meet Sam's needs and enjoy every minute with him.  I knew Sam would enjoy the playmate and it would help me remember how being a stay at home mom is a job I need to take seriously. It has also forced me to teach Sam how to play with other kids. He's such a social guy but often scares other kids away with his excitement to be near them. (a little too close for most kids)

Leo has sure brought a lot of fun to our home. Don't get me wrong, there have been a few days I have wondered what I was thinking deciding to do this, when they are both crying or both want to be held it can be tricky or when we venture out and go anywhere. Neither of them are walking like pros just yet, they are sure working on it though, and so that leaves me to carrying both of them from the car to our destination. Whew, giving me the chance to strengthen both arms. All in all it has been a great time and a big learning experience for us all.

Here are a few pictures to show a few of the many fun times we've had.

They both love to play the piano
 Now I just move the piano bench and they play standing up whenever they feel the urge. :) They love music. We listen to classical, kids songs, or sometimes my favorite songs too.

They can play near each other sometimes without stealing toys from one another

I had to take this picture - don't mind my feet.

Eating time can be quite the adventure/struggle each day.  They are really good at shaking their heads "no" when something doesn't look good to them. We're working on shaking our heads "yes". The floor is almost always a mess afterwards too. But they sure love to watch each other while eating.

We have ventured out of the house to the gym, a park downtown, on a few walks around base, outside in the our dirt box, and to playgroup. We definitely stay at our place a majority of the time.

A few favorites for both of them are:
the walker toy
empty containers
playing outside
listening to music
reading books especially the poke-a-dot "Old McDonald Had a Farm" book and  "The Wheels on the Bus"
and they are always on the look out for dogs

I definitely have much more respect for those moms out there that have twins and two kids. :) It's good prep for our next kid.


  1. I really admire you Melissa. I'm amazed at your energy and positivity. Stay at home moms have the hardest job, no doubt about it. Truthfully, I look up to you when it comes to being a mother myself someday. You're pretty much a rock star mom. :)

  2. Jenn you are so sweet. Thanks! You will make an amazing mom, it took me being a mom to realize what a job it is. You are so wise!


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