Ever since we have moved out from college apartments I have wanted a garden. As we planned for our move to Oklahoma I pictured a garden in our yard, it didn't matter the size I just wanted to plant a garden.

It took planting flowers in our beds for me to realize we did not have the sun exposure needed to plant a garden in the beds already established in our yard. During the winter I thought about what I could do to still have a garden. Our faithful home teacher Brother Benham suggested we make a deal with a neighbor friend or someone who has a spot. So, that's what I did. The Jeppesens were so kind to let us use the south portion of their flower beds. I told them they can have all of the harvest if they want to and that we'll do the work. They are more than willing to help out despite the deal.

Before I figured this out I had planted 3 sets of seeds in cups, our own starts inside. We killed the first batch, the second did pretty good and the 3rd one did exceptionally well. I have learned a lot. I forgot, I did try to plant a fall garden last year that completely failed. Ha ha, you learn a lot from failure.

Here are some pictures to show the stages of our garden.
And I look forward to tending it all summer long and can't wait to reap the harvest! We'll see just how much survives. :)


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