Precious moments

Lately I have not had the chance to grab the camera quick enough to capture all the adventures, or precious moments, with our Samuel. He has me wrapped around his little finger. It's truly incredible how much we love this little guy.

I just went to grab pictures and I found more than I thought I would. Here are a few:

 This is Sam's sand pit - okay, dirt pit. I didn't necessarily want my front door flower bed to be a play pit, but that is how it turned out. I did try and plant flowers but they didn't last long and it's a very handy shady spot for Sam to play.
This day we were watching Baily during her dad's graduation. It was loads of fun. Playgroup fun for a couple hours. Justin was tossing stuffed animals into the crib and they all thought it was hilarious.
The boys love to bounce on Sam's bed - Leo especially loves it. We have sure enjoyed having Leo in our home.

Sam and Leo have lots of fun. Sometimes Sam can be a little overbearing for Leo. Like touching his head all the time. But at least he's learned to be soft most of the time. 

The next two were sad days, but learning experiences for us all. Sam learned to walk around 13 months and was so ready to go. He took a hard fall on the cement in the first photo just below. It is all healed now but it sure was an owee. His mom is smiling like it's no big deal. Really it was super sad and I did have sympathy for him I promise.

 This next one was just this past week. On May 27th, as we were headed home from our camping trip to the KOA near Midwest City, Justin found a tick on the back of Sam's head. We waited until we got home to research it and get it out. No burning or suffocating the ticks anymore, now you just pull them out carefully. We got it all out and Sam was a champ. Although he now swipes our hands away pretty quick when we go to look intensely at any part of his body. But I can't say I blame him. We had to hold him down pretty hard to get him to hold still, We are all glad his tick is out and now in our freezer. (in case he catches something from it)
 Now this one I love. These two have lots of fun together, mostly wrestling. Every now and then they quiet down with a book. Sam's hand is moving up and down, pointing at the letters in his Big Alphabet Book. He loves music and being sung to. At the last page we sing the Alphabet Song - he now skips right to it almost every time. Reading books has become even more fun for all of us. Sam now points to things that we say and he brings us a book when he wants to be read to. He also has found books he can carry around easily and flip through them on his own. Such a big boy, definitely not a baby anymore.

I took this one today because I didn't think I had any other pictures. One of his first days hanging out in just the diaper. It is summer now here in Oklahoma. It's been a great spring.

Sam has found walking even more exciting that what he thought it would be and has got him exploring and enjoying lots of things.
Lately we have explored:
Camping - KOA - Saturday to Monday May 25-27- which he absolutely loved!
Lady bugs - he had one crawling up his arm. He was very curious.
Bark on the trees
Stop signs/Road signs -- he likes to put his fingers in the pole that has just the right size of holes for them
Fire Hydrants still - yes we still stop at almost everyone - lol
Running - he thinks its so funny when I run and he really tries to join
Splash Pad - just took him last night. He loved it! I'm sure we will be there a lot this summer.
Slug - which I found under his high chair in the house! Eek!
Going on walks w/o the stroller -- he might not ever go back to the stroller
Cars, tractors and lawn mowers - he points at every car that goes by, we're working on the wave
Swimming Pools - they had one at the KOA. Despite how cold it was, he still wanted to play in it
Pillow fights
Eating practically his whole meal on his own
Diving on the couch or on blankets and pillows on the floor or in the tent on our beds. Quite fun to watch.

We sure love our Sambo!


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